NILE GREEN is an Egyptian based company which exists in Netherlands with the same  name  and coordinating operations between European Union and our Farms in Egypt. Our family business model is offering excellent service to our clients, connecting the dots in Europe and in Middle East.

Offering variety of products to our clients and premium crops that we supervise all touch points of life journey starting from farming, harvest, preparation for shipping, packaging and shipping.

We demand of ourselves and of our employees and collaborators the highest standards of professionalism and quality since our aim is to sell our best quality produce.

 We define quality by analyzing the soils, taste, color, texture, aroma, freshness and nutritional value of all our products fruits and vegetables and by occupational health and safety.

We go to unwonted extremes to satisfy our customers. On every purchase we wish to surpass their expectations, to propose rather than to respond, we know that by doing so we are helping them to grow and if they do so, we do too.

We are available in Netherlands and Egypt to insure smooth operations and after sales commitment.